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NOVEMBER 2008 production
A Chorus of Disapproval by Alan Ayckbourn.
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Cast & Crew I can make tea A fox may steal your hens, Sir Guy works on his Crook’d Fingered Jack gestures
Jarvis - I've a story about that But he so teased me... Can I fix you a drink The hour of the attack approaches
If the heart of a man is depress'd with cares No, you may not Thus when a good huswife sees a rat... Which way shall I turn
Before the barn door crowing Would I might be hang'd Each call forth her charms to provoke his desires The wretch of today may be happy tomorrow

Peter Francis Danny Spurrier Jane Torr
Peter Francis
(Guy Jones)

Danny Spurrier
(Dafydd ap Llewellyn)

Jane Torr
(Hannah Llewellyn)

Denise Hobbs George Menarry Janice Garrard
Denise Hobbs
(Bridget Baines)

George Menarry
(Jarvis Huntley-Pike)

Janice Garrard
(Rebecca Huntley-Pike)

John Day Jane Brydges Kathy Percey
John Day
(Ted Washbrook)

Jane Brydges
(Enid Washbrook)

Kathy Percey
(Linda Washbrook)

Matt Stanley Louise Hayling Gordon Sutton
Matt Stanley
(Ian Hubbard)

Louise Hayling
(Fay Hubbard)

Gordon Sutton
(Crispin Usher)

Chris Horton Brian Archer
Chris Horton
Brian Archer
  (& Mr Ames)
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