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November 2007 “Blithe Spirit" by Noel Coward
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The Set Kathy as "Edith" "Do you think she tells fortunes?" "Is there anyone there?"
"Good god. Its you Elvira!" "To hell with Ruth!" "Now look here Elvira!" "Have you ever been to Cowden Manor?"
"But you must get rid of her somehow!" "Its only a slight sprain." "I have a formula here" "One triangle, one half circle and a dot"
"I see a white bandage" "Did you ring sir?" The line up. The cast - happy that the dress rehearsal is over.

Peter Francis Jo Long
Peter Francis
(Charles Condomine)
Jo Long
(Ruth Condomine)
Amy Feest Chris Horton
Amy Feest
Chris Horton
(Madame Arcati)
Gordon Sutton Margot Konitzer
Gordon Sutton
(Dr Bradman)
Margot Konitzer
(Mrs Bradman)
Kathy Percey
Kathy Percey

Gary Comerford
Gary Comerford
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