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November 2006 “Daisy Pulls It Off” by Denise Deegan.
(Mouseover image for description & click to enlarge)
Sybil & Monica Cast & Crew Cast in costume
Rehearsing the Hockey match The Hockey match in costume Daisy & Trixie in rehearsal Daisy & Trixie in costume
Outside the School Sybil & Monica eating their "buns" Cast The "gals" outside the School
Daisy, Trixie and Monica in rehearsal Miss Gibson & Daisy in rehearsal Mademoiselle, Claire & Alice in rehearsal Daisy & Trixie with Mr Scoblowski in rehearsal

Alex Thomas Alison Watts
Alex Thomas
(Daisy Meredith)
Alison Watts
(Trixie Martin)
Chris Horton Alice Grundy
Chris Horton
(Sybil Burlington)
Alice Grundy
(Monica Smithers)
Jacqui Morris Olwen Wright
Jacqui Morris
(Clare Beaumont)
Olwen Wright
(Alice Fitzpatrick)
Becky Thomas Jane Torr
Becky Thomas
(Belinda Mathieson)
Jane Torr
(Miss Gibson)
Jane Brydges Anthea Spurrier
Jane Brydges
(Mother, Miss Granville
& Winnie Irving)
Anthea Spurrier
(Dora Johnson & Mademoiselle)
Danny Spurrier Nick Robinson
Danny Spurrier
(Mr Scoblowski)
Nick Robinson
(Mr Thompson)
Sharon Hewins Chris Horton
Sharon Hewins
Chris Horton
(Assistant Director)
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