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April 2008
“Inspector Drake & the Perfekt Crime"
by David Tristram
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Setting Up Cast and crew Cast and crew The murder. But you're dead No.You are!
Perhaps I'd better take some particulars  "Give me a hand Sergeant" Aren't you pleased to see me Daddy? Sabrina faints
Oh no you don't "Your move" "I must look awful" "Just who does she think she is?"
"Freeze!" Drop the gun!  Over by the door!" "Bring her round" "Got him sir" The Line Up

Gary Comerford Peter Francis
Gary Comerford
(Inspector Drake)
Peter Francis
(Dr Short)
Danny Spurrier Jane Torr
Danny Spurrier
(Sergeant Plod)
Jane Torr
(Mrs Short)
Denise Hobbs Margot Konitzer
Denise Hobbs
Margot Konitzer
(Miss Short)

Matt Stanley
Matt Stanley
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