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(Nov 27th, 28th & 29th at Sherfield Village Hall):
"PLAY ON!" by Rick Abbot, directed by Nick Robinson.
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Play On! November 2014

Reviews from the audience:
""LODDON PLAYERS CONGRATULATIONS. BRILLIANT play last night. Witty, clever, fast moving script. We all marvelled as to how the players kept up with it all and where they were in the text at any given moment. It must have been very difficult to learn. Excellent cast all absolutely right in their roles, they played off one another so well. Impossible to pick out individuals, they were all so good. Two of our party were actually crying with laughter some of the time. And one of them is going again on Saturday, taking her elderly neighbour. So many lovely touches like the ticket on the wig and the safe without a back on it. I was just waiting for the hand to appear with the diamond/ruby! Clever and delightful from start to finish. CONGRATULATIONS to all concerned,"

"Just a quick note to thank everyone concerned for a delightful evening on Saturday. This is the second time that we have attended one of your productions and we have really enjoyed them. Congratulations to everyone."

"I just wanted to add my congratulations to the (doubtless) umpteen you have had already. We came on Saturday and it was just a brilliant evening's entertainment! Very funny play and so well executed by the cast! Having been in a couple of plays myself where something goes seriously amiss, (and you find yourself wondering "what the hell is going on?", and "how on earth do we get out of this!?"), I could well identify with it all, and thought you all portrayed the confusion and mayhem so well! So congratulations all of you! "

"I would also like to add my congratulations to Nick, the cast and crew of 'Play On'. I was there on Friday night and it was brilliant and very, very funny. The cast played their parts extremely well and the audience really did enjoy it. It was a brilliant evening's entertainment! Well done to everyone! Another Loddon Players Blockbuster!!! ."

"I loved the play, it was brilliant and everyone performed so well, so amazed at how well they delivered those difficult lines. So glad I came. "

"It was brilliant. Every member of the cast played his/her part extremely well. We haven’t laughed like that in ages. Thanks to you all for a fantastic night and well done to LP for yet another great success.” "

"We really enjoyed it. The last act especially was fabulous, so funny. "

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