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“Daisy Pulls It Off” by Denise Deegan.
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17th and 18th November, 2006 at SHERFIELD SCHOOL,
"Daisy Pulls It Off" - Cast & Crew Sherfield School
Set in a girls’ boarding school in the 20s it tells the story of Daisy, an elementary girl on a scholarship, the trials and tribulations she faces at “Grangewood”. Due to its huge popularity, Sherfield Village Hall was unavailable to us during November 2006. Sherfield School very kindly agreed to allow us to stage "Daisy Pulls It Off".

Review from the Basingstoke Gazette (Claire Warwick):
"Jolly show had laughs all the way through"

"The third production of Loddon Players was located at Sherfield School.

As an educational establishment, the setting was obviously appropriate for the presentation of 'Daisy Pulls It Off', a jolly hockey sticks type school story set in the 1920s.

The first act effectively introduced the characters and we soon became involved in the tussle between the snobbish, mean girl, Sybil, and the scholarship heroine, Daisy.

Memories of Enid Blyton were evoked as we were taken through a series of schoolgirl pranks interspersed with sensible advice from the head girl and a hunt for hidden treasure.

Act two builts to a dramatic cliff top rescue and a series of revelations that led to everyone living happily ever after.

Alex Thomas (Daisy) played her part convincingly, displaying a strong stage presence and sense of fun. Quickly the audience were rooting for her to get one over on the smug Sybil, played with customary assurance by Chris Horton.

This was an ensemble piece, however, and each cast member helped to evoke a life that may have been far removed from real life but tremendous fun nevertheless!

A number of set pieces deserve special mention: the tuneful singing interrupted by Sybil's off key notes, a hockey match that provided a challenge to stage and the comical cliff top finale with the traditional knotted-up sheets.

Jolly good show, Loddon Players!"

Reviews from the Audience:
"Just to say what a fantastic play that was on Friday. We both really really enjoyed it and reckon it is one of the best so far. Everyone was cast really well and the lead girl was amazing".

"Just wanted to say we thought the production was excellent .... I think it is one of the best things I have seen you do!"

"A fabulous play and all credit to everyone".

"Congratulations! What a wonderful production. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your society certainly has more than its fair share of talent. I particularly liked Daisy's performance and Sybil's".

"Congratulations on a great production - the Players really pulled it off. Very enjoyable, you must have all worked really hard".

"I thought the play was terrific, with a really high level of performance being achieved. I will remember particularly the "hockey match" and the "cliff rescue" for a long while as they both managed to convey a great sense of movement and drama. Please pass on my congratulations to all involved."
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