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"Inspector Drake & the Perfekt Crime" by David Tristram
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24/25/26 April 2008 at Sherfield Village Hall,
Inspector Drake & the Perfekt Crime - Cast & Crew
When a genius commits a murder, the plan is perfect. But is it foolproof? Inspector Drake is back to face his greatest-ever challenge. Who is the mysterious Doctor Short, and why did he marry a warthog? Has he murdered his fourth wife – or did she murder him first? These are just some of the questions facing the indomitable Drake in this hilarious sequel to Inspector Drake and the Time Machine.
Director: Matt Stanley

Review from the Basingstoke Gazette by Lucy Marshall (click here)

Review from NODA (National Operatic & Dramatic Association)
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Review from the Loddon Link (click here)

Review from the Bramley 265 magazine (reproduced by kind permission of Bramley 265 Editor, Emma Cunningham)

Innuenda, farce, slapstick and a mysterious mole provided a lot of laughs when the Loddon Players performed in Sherfield last month.

Members of the local amateur dramatic group performed "Inspector Drake and the Perfekt Crime", a comedy by David Tristram, in the wholesome surroundings of Sherfield Village Hall. These nights are always wellsupported by the villagers in Sherfield, and I was honoured to be invited along as reviewer.

The action moved along at a good pace with none of the embarrassing silences often associated with amateur theatre. The cast seemed to know their lines well, with only one obvious moment of fumbling, which was quickly recovered. The acting was deliciously hammy, as the script demanded, and allowed the cast to really have fun with their roles.

Danny Spurrier was beautifully stupid as the goofy sidekick Sergeant Plod, and Peter Francis was strange and menacing as the evil Dr Short. The best performed of the night was that of Gary Comerford in the title role of Inspector Drake. Gary had some of the best lines, and delivered them well. He did fall off the stage twice, but I think that was part of the plot!

I later found out that during a scene where Dr Short is passed out over the back of the sofa and the rest of the cast has to get up close and personal with him in attempt to locate the aforementioned mole, poor Peter Francis was in face having ice applied to places where ice should never be!

Reviews from the audience:
"What a great performance from you last night - thank you for making us laugh and well done to all involved. Danny you were brilliant, and I really was worried you were going to be strangled for real! You were bright red!"

"...the laughs were constant throughout… Danny! I can’t believe anyone can go sooo red so quickly. And Danny and Gary really bounced off each other! Pete - that rather satisfied look on your face when Danny was *ahem* checking your bottom. And ladies – excellent screams all round! Jane – love the wig!!! Well done everyone for an excellent production."

"I haven't laughed so much in a long time!! Danny - you were the star of the show. Im sure the audience went home with a big smile on their face - I know I did - it was a very entertaining and enjoyable evening. Congratulations to Matt and the gang - it was fab."

"It was a triumph yet again!! The whole cast always give 100% and were hugely entertaining, and we thought that Sergeant Plod and Inspector Drake were particularly professional and "laugh out loud" funny. We are looking forward to the next production already! Hope it's another corker of a comedy!"

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