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"Trivial Pursuits" by Frank Vickery
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27/28/29 April 2007 at Sherfield Village Hall,
"Trivial Pursuits" - Cast
Imagine a group of amateur thespians, meeting at their summer barbecue when next season's play is to be announced and the Society's business manager has promised a different show and the plum roles to four different people. Complex relationship, slapstick and farce alternate with real drama and pathos. Not every hitch is resolved by the end of the evening but we leave the Trealaw and District Operatic Society ready for another season, testing the magic and artifice that is theatre!
Director: Chris Horton

Review from the Basingstoke Gazette (Denise Martin):
"A summer evening's barbecue was the setting for this play about a meeting of the local operatic society.

Next season's play was about to be announced but Nick (Peter Francis), the Society's director, and host of the barbecue, had promised different shows and the lead parts to four people.

As the evening progressed, we saw each character's eccentricities revealed and the relationships between the players proved to be more involved than they had seemed at first. This resulted in some moments of pure humour and farce.

The first act succeeded in setting the scene and introducing the main characters in varying stages of inebriation, though how they each remembered which glass was theirs remains a mystery.

The director, Chris Horton, did a good job in selecting some talented actors and I especially enjoyed the performance given by Danny Spurrier who was in top form, as Teddy, the understated effeminate prima donna.

Jane Torr was also excellent and gave a convincing performance as the rather progressively drunken Joyce; as too did Margot Konitzer as the always moaning Mona.

Other members of the group included the morose and boring Derek; who was sensitively played by Gordon Sutton, a newcomer and real find for the group. Alex Thomas, too, gave a credible performance as Deidre, his soon to be ex-wife.

The set was imaginative with good use of the garden furniture to hide the offending barbecue - until the moment it caught fire!

The silver streamers of the finale worked well to reveal the cast of 10 performing "If my friends could see me now" from Sweet Charity, led by Teddy as Charity!

All in all a very good evening out - as evidenced by the enthusiastic applause of the audience. "

Reviews from the Audience:
"We enjoyed the play - WELL DONE. We thought the lady who played Deidre was particularly natural - but they were all good - and a great finale! Didn't Sweet Charity have great legs!"

"Just wanted to say many thanks and well done to you all – we really enjoyed the play yesterday."

"We really enjoyed the show - it went very well - well done for all your hard work. Lady did well who stepped in at last minute too - look forward to the next one!!"

"Congrats on producing a very entertaining play, everyone was great and particularly Teddy and Joyce - and what a wonderful finale, well done, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for a lovely evening."

"thought it was great!"

"Congratulations on your production of "Trivial Pursuits" - highly entertaining and so well acted by all the cast. The finale was brilliant. Terry, Phillip and all the other workers behind the scenes obviously worked very hard as well. You must be very happy today."
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